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Cameron Dance Academy

Contact Ian Sell.  Ph; 09-483 6133  Mob: 027 450 8288  E: [email protected]  W:         Milford Senior Citizens Hall, Milford Mall Carpark, Kitchener Rd .Milford (Directly behind the New World Supermarket)

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All classes are held on Tuesday evenings at the Milford Senior Citizens hall - apart from Dance Nights listed at below.
6.30pm Intermediate / Advanced Class Levels    7.30pm Refresher / Novice class Levels     8.30pm Beginners Level                                                          * * * * * * *
2018 NEW BEGINNERS CLASSES:   Tues 20th February 8.30pm   Tues 10th April 8.30pm     Tues 29th May 8.30pm                                        Tues 17th July 8.30pm       Tues 4th Sept 8.30pm       Tues 23rd October 8.30pm
Fees for the Beginners class. $78.00 concession card for this set 6-week term.    Bring a drink bottle with you.                                                                     Always a great benefit to start out at this level and learn all the basic steps and techniques first.
* * * * * * *
2018 ADULT DANCE CLASSES:   Ages from late teens - to however old you think you are…
For dancers ABOVE Beginner level:  REFRESHER   /   NOVICE   /   INTERMEDIATE   /   ADVANCED Class levels:
These classes are taught in 6-week blocks - but are all continuing classes even when you go up to the next level.             Fixed terms do not apply for any levels above the beginner level.                                                                                                         .
ADVANCED / INTERMEDIATE Levels    6.30pm – 7.30pm.
REFRESHER  / NOVICE Levels              7.30pm – 8.30pm
All these class levels are continuous and ongoing. You can join in with us at any time. You do not have to wait until              the new term starts. Partner not required.
FEES: $15.00 pp Casual nightly rate - or
           $78.00 pp Concession card rate - for any 6 evenings you attend class.

NO PARTNER REQUIRED: All partners are changed for short periods during the night. We place a great emphasis               on the mans part, teaching him to lead well so that he will become confident to lead his partner into any step, in any            dance around the dance floor.
CLOTHING & FOOTWEAR: Whatever you are comfortable in initially. You will sort that out as you go along.                                Wear something that you can take off if it gets too warm for you on the floor.
Bring a drink bottle with you.
* * * * * * *
2018 SOCIAL DANCE NIGHTS: At the completion of each 6-week teaching block, we have a Social / Practice Dance       Night in the same hall. This gives everyone a chance to practice their new steps and techniques in a very familiar and        relaxed environment that you know and feel confident at. EVERYONE is welcome to join with us in a night of fun and          mix and mingle social dancing. Everyone welcome. Dancers and Non Dancers alike.
BYO glass and refreshments – Tea and coffee available.   7.00pm - 9.30pm at Milford Senior Citizens Hall

Tues 3rd APRIL Social Dance  $10.00 pp     Tues 22nd MAY Social Dance  "Black & White" theme $10.00 pp                          Tues 10th JULY Social Dance  $10.00 pp     Tues 28th AUG Mid Winter Dance  $10.00 pp (supper plate pls)                            Tues 16th OCT  Social Dance  $10.00 pp     Tues   4th DEC  Christmas Dance Party $10.00 pp (and supper plate pls)
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PRIVATE DANCE LESSONS: We can come to you.
For Weddings, Ball, any special occasion, or simply to advance your own steps and techniques.                                                           Phone Ian and discuss your requirements with him. Daytime or Evenings can be arranged.
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ENROL NOW: by phone or on-line - [email protected]
Check out the new “EVENTS DATES” link on our web site for more info.
For further information:
Contact Ian       Phone: 4836-133            Mob :  027 4508-288
Email: [email protected]           Web: