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(By Moira Kennedy, editor Bella NZ)

I would dance all night if I could. And all day. You can do it anywhere.

Now retired from her job as a Health Promotion Manager, working in the community to improve peoples health by increasing their activity levels, Kay really misses her time as" a dancing queen".

“I have always loved to dance, especially as I’m a woman and women are so rhythmic. Yes, men have rhythm too but it’s a different kind. All of our womanhood comprises cycles and it doesn’t matter what age you are, how big or how small, we all have rhythm in our souls,” Kay says.

A powerhouse of energy (even though injuries have stopped her actually dancing any more, Kay is still so big on dancing, she’s set up her own website, where those fond of kicking up their heels can find dance classes, dance venues, dance bands if fact anything to do with dancing. It’s been such a success that it now has a membership of 6025 Auckland dancers.

Kay finds her interest in dance is able to seamlessly cross into her work in admin for a West Auckland dance school. “I may not be able to go out dancing any more, but I can make sure everyone knows where to find classes and places to dance. And what better way to be active than to dance?,” she asks. “It’s wonderful for fitness and burns ups calories even it’s sometimes not hugely energetic. People who dance carry themselves better, they’re more uplifted and it shows in their faces. It’s wonderful exercise and a superb way to increase our activity levels.

“Dancing breaks down all barriers relating to age and size and fitness. It’s about having fun and it’s the most fabulous way of being social. Think of a waltz – there’s nothing more romantic than a waltz. Just close your eyes and away you go. Or there’s the salsa, lambada, foxtrot, rock n roll, modern jive and much more. Look back to the beginning of time and you’ll find dancing. Anyone can do it and it’s such a great way to meet people and have fun.”

"The website keeps me extremely busy with updates, and I’m now putting together a blog page where others can send me interesting dance information. Many dancers have told me they don’t go anywhere that isn’t listed on my website, they plan their entire dancing week from this site as they don't want to have to go into several different website to see what band is playing in each venue. I feel very humbled by that. I get hundreds of emails weekly from dancers telling me which venues, bands, floors, dance schools etc they prefer, and I would like to have a go at the band booking side if anybody would like to give me a go".